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Moving forward, each image I post on Facebook will have a white number in a black box on the lower RIGHT-HAND CORNER.  See the image on the left as an example. This number is unique to that image and it is how you order that image!

When you contact me please tell me the Image you wish to purchase by listing the number in the black box, the plan you wish to use (#1 thru #4) and the amount.  In return, I will contact you back and confirm the order and amount due, or make any necessary adjustments.

eMail your payment.

I will send you your file by eMail when payment has gone through. Expect an eMail from WeTransfer.  It’s that easy to collect your precious memories in photographs. Still have questions? Send me an email or PM me on Facebook, I am more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions.

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            We will also do special promotional material for you if you wish.  email us to Discuss.


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